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Alberta Odame Awuah

My name is Alberta Odame Awuah the Founder and Project Manager of the Heart of Grace Foundation (HoGF), a non-profit organization that seeks to improve the living standards of people in deprived communities in Africa through the provision of educational services. I am currently residing in The Netherlands where I work as a sales and retail officer.

I am a native of Ghana where I had my basic and secondary education. My desire to form the HoGF starts from the fact that, growing up in Ghana, over the years I witnessed people live through poverty and hardships which they have no control over. Often, my heart breaks to see more children suffer from poverty they cannot control. As a result of this, their dreams are most of the time disregarded, Which I have had my own share of such experiences and endurance.

Ever since I reside in The- Netherlands, I have been wondering how I can personally and directly be involved in trying to minimize these unfortunate circumstances. I know that humanity is responsible for supporting each other, and therefore, I am determined to provide a service to mankind.

As a child, I always shared the little food that I had with other children and offered assistance to anyone in need, both young and old. Even though I did not have much myself, it gave me great joy to see the smile of appreciation on their faces. I am of a firm conviction that there are many young children in Africa or around the globe who needs help. This help could be in the form of provision of good education, finance, medical care, second hand donations, parental care, mentoring and many more.

Because of my many years of living and working in The Netherlands International Airport (Schiphol), I have come across a whole lot of people from all walks of life traveling across the globe to offer volunteering services and helping others in their own ways. These observations have propelled me to devote my time, resources and to use every effort could to help mankind. With all these observations & experiences, my heart has always gone to serve people in need. As a result of that I have sent a large amount of personal donations and various items, including clothing, toys, food, books, and money to Ghana to help the needy in society. I have been regularly donating to many existing non-profit organizations all over the world.

In all this not a single day has passed without me thinking about how to contribute more to society. In order to achieve my calling to humanity, I knew I have to set up a non-profit organization in other to be able to help the needy on professional and on a bigger platform and Starting the Heart of Grace Foundation is the first step towards my dream. I believes that every child is precious and deserve a good education, and if I could cause a change in the world of even one poor child, then my dreams would be fulfilled. I will be very delighted to see people willing to share my dreams and aspirations in life and assist in putting smiles in the faces of needy but brilliant children in Africa

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