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Heart of Grace is a non-profit organization that supports less privileged children to seek education in both academically and vocationally in some of the rural areas in Ghana. We aim to provide to enhance financial and professional skills to support the children in their education to acquire the necessary skills to become responsible adults in the society. “We believe all children deserve the right for a good education”, and their welfare is our priority.

Our Mission

Heart of Grace will select a number of intelligent and academically weak children at the age of 4 years and above through an unbiased and equitable method for educational sponsorship. For those in need will be provided the opportunities to advance their academic and technical skills through vocational trainings by web base training and professional mentors in the required fields.

Our Vision

The vision of Heart of Grace foundation is to elevate deprived community children in Ghana. Heart of Grace strives to provide the opportunities in education and other skillful activities to financially disadvantaged children between ages of 0 years and above by providing required financial and technical support to enable them grow up to support their families and other children in their communities.